Headlight Tint Covers for a 2011-2013 Lexus IS

headlight covers

Want to darken / blackout the headlights on your Lexus IS? The headlight tint covers shown above are pre-cut for a 2011-2013 Lexus IS. The headlight tint covers come with a step by step video installation application guide online.

The headlight tint covers have no installation tools, but are recommended for professional installation results. These headlight covers are not a roll of tint film, they are a precut specific kit for your Lexus IS at the time of your order. When properly installed will not fade, lose color, turn purple, or bubble.

Head over to Amazon today and grab a set for your Lexus for around $39.99 with FREE Shipping.

Manufacturer Part Number: C-001–HT-LEX-IS-10

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