How to activate the Lexus Dynamic Handling System in a Lexus RX?

The Lexus Dynamic Handling System (LDHS) is an advanced system available in certain Lexus models that enhances handling and stability by integrating various vehicle dynamics technologies. However, the availability of LDHS and the specific steps to activate it in a Lexus RX may vary based on the model year and trim level of your vehicle.

If your Lexus RX is equipped with LDHS and you want to activate it, follow these general steps:

  1. Start Your Vehicle: Ensure that your vehicle is turned on and running.
  2. Locate the Drive Mode Selector: Look for the button or switch that allows you to switch between different drive modes. The button might be labeled “Drive Mode,” “Mode,” or something similar. It’s often located on the center console, dashboard, or steering wheel.
  3. Access the Drive Mode Menu: Press the drive mode selector button to access the drive mode menu. This menu might be displayed on the instrument cluster or infotainment screen.
  4. Select a Performance Drive Mode: LDHS may be available within a specific performance-oriented drive mode, such as “Sport+” or “Custom.” Select the drive mode that enhances handling and responsiveness.
  5. Confirm LDHS Activation: If your Lexus RX is equipped with LDHS and it’s available in the selected drive mode, the system will likely activate automatically when you switch to that mode. Look for any visual or audible indicators on the instrument cluster or infotainment screen that confirm LDHS activation.
  6. Experience the Enhanced Handling: Once LDHS is activated, you should experience enhanced handling, improved stability, and potentially adjusted steering and suspension characteristics designed to provide a more engaging driving experience.

Keep in mind that LDHS and the associated drive modes can vary between different Lexus RX models and model years. For precise instructions tailored to your vehicle, I recommend referring to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or contacting your local Lexus dealership for assistance.

Here are a few videos to help with the Lexus Dynamic Handling System settings:

  • How To: Lexus Dynamic Handling System – Video
  • LDH – Lexus Dynamic Handling System – Video
  • Lexus How-To: Drive Mode Select Overview – Dynamic Handling – Video

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