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How to Replace the Engine Air Filter on a Lexus ES350

The video above gives a brief tutorial on how to replace the engine air filter on a Lexus ES350. Just from watching the video it looks like a quick and simple job with the right tools and know-how. Here are several engine filters to consider: 2010 Lexus ES Engine Filters […]

How to fix the “key is not detected” for a Lexus Key Fob

Does your Lexus IS, ES, RX, NX, or LS display the “key is not detected” on your gauge cluster as seen in the video? then you may need to replace the key fob remote battery with a CR 1632 replacement battery. The battery you’ll need is a 3V lithium and […]

Lexus ES300 Check Engine Light Due to Failed Oxygen Sensor

Does the check engine light come on in your Lexus ES300? Have you taken it to a mechanic to see what the issue might be? Well you may have a failed oxygen sensor to replace. In order to get the right parts for replacement make sure you cross check everything […]