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How to activate the Lexus Dynamic Handling System in a Lexus RX?

The Lexus Dynamic Handling System (LDHS) is an advanced system available in certain Lexus models that enhances handling and stability by integrating various vehicle dynamics technologies. However, the availability of LDHS and the specific steps to activate it in a Lexus RX may vary based on the model year and […]

Lexus RX-300 Chrome Replacement Driver/Passenger Halogen Type Headlamps

The replacement Halogen Type Headlamps shown above are 100% Brand New in Box with Customized Packaging, never been installed before. Direct Bolt On Replacement For Your Original Headlights, No Wiring or Any Other Modification Needed. (Professional Installation is Highly Recommended) The headlights are compatible with: 99-00 Lexus RX300 All Models […]

How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Lexus RX 350

If you own a Lexus RX 350 and you have your check engine light / oil change light coming on then you may want to consider watching the video above to reset it. Over on Amazon there is a tool called a “Reset + Maintenance Light Reset Tool” that provides […]

How to fix the “key is not detected” for a Lexus Key Fob

Does your Lexus IS, ES, RX, NX, or LS display the “key is not detected” on your gauge cluster as seen in the video? then you may need to replace the key fob remote battery with a CR 1632 replacement battery. The battery you’ll need is a 3V lithium and […]

How to Change the Windshield Wipers on a Lexus RX350

The video above is a super short yet very simple tutorial on how to replace the wipers on a 2007 Lexus RX350. Granted the video description states that it’s a 2007 model however, I’m pretty sure the similar technique would work on other Lexus models with similar years. Here are […]