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How to fine-tune the Variable Gear Ratio Steering in a Lexus LS?

Lexus LS models equipped with the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) system may offer some degree of customization for the steering feel. However, please note that the exact steps and available options can vary based on the model year and trim level of your Lexus LS. Here’s a general guideline […]

How to fix the “key is not detected” for a Lexus Key Fob

Does your Lexus IS, ES, RX, NX, or LS display the “key is not detected” on your gauge cluster as seen in the video? then you may need to replace the key fob remote battery with a CR 1632 replacement battery. The battery you’ll need is a 3V lithium and […]

Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pad Replacement Kit – Lexus LS460

Do you need to replace the rotors and brakes on your Lexus LS460? R1 Concepts provides an excellent premier kit with drill/slot brake rotors & ceramic brake pads. The brake kit includes 4 Brake Rotors and 8 Ceramic Brake Pads which are high carbon metallurgy to increase friction and to […]